Hampstead Tea: the fair trade certified tea house


From a London village to Makaibari gardens

The consumption of tea has been known for over 5,000 years on Earth but it was only from 1995 that certified fair trade and biodynamic tea (Demeter) appeared. It was during this year that the Hampstead Tea House was born in the famous London borough of the same name, known for its progressive and innovative projects.

Originating from Grands Crus of Makaibari Gardens in Darjeeling, Hampstead Tea is hand picked. In this region of West Bengal, more than 66% of the area exploited for the growth of tea develops in a tropical forest where the plants take place in a preserved local natural ecosystem.

Makaibari tea plantations are the first in the world to be certified in accordance with the principles of biodynamic agriculture.

"The Earth is important to us here at Hampstead Tea. Its plants nourish us, it's sunsets make us smile, and the seasons teach us important lessons.   For all these reasons the Tea plants we nurture are our small thanks to the Earth for her kindness.  We use the best practices we know of in our Tea growing, trying always to put more in than we take out." - Kiran, Founder of Hampstead Tea

Teas from biodynamic agriculture

Biodynamic agriculture is one of the founding currents of organic farming, born in the 1920s. With biodynamic farming, all of nature is taken into account to produce food without compromising the capacity of the earth to preserve future generations and even improve this capacity.

From this perspective, the soil is an essential component to protect and preserve. The farmers thus take care of the land, strengthen the soil and plants for products full of life. Unlike organic farming, here we take into consideration the influence of lunar, solar and planetary rhythms to improve agricultural work and the quality of products.

At Hampstead Tea, all the teas come from the Makaibari plantations in the Darjeeling district and offer exceptional quality. As proof, the teas from this house have received numerous international awards.

The meaning of the Demeter label

Demeter certification (certified biodynamic agriculture) makes it possible to promote food products that comply with the following commitments:

- 100% organic and biodynamic farms.

- Respect for living things in all their forms.

- Development of more autonomous farms promoting biodiversity.

In 2020, 7,700 agricultural estates and companies are Demeter certified, in more than 60 countries.

The teas of the Hampstead Tea range follow the principles of fair trade. The Demeter label guarantees that part of the money from each kilogram of tea goes directly to farming communities to fund social development programs. This concerns in particular the electrification of villages and initiatives for education and medical care.

- 100% biodegradable packaging.

- The tea bags are made of unbleached chlorine paper.

- The labels are sewn to the bag with string and no glue or staples are used.

The Hampstead Tea range

The Hampstead Tea range at Le Comptoir Irlandais consists of green and black teas. Find plain teas such as English Breakfast, Assam or Darjeeling as well as flavoured and spicy teas such as Indian Chai, Earl Grey, vanilla and mint. The entire range follows the principles of fair trade and biodynamic agriculture (Demeter).

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