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Our June cocktails


This month we share two easy-to-make spring recipes: a short drink cocktail based on whiskey and a mocktail (free-alcohol) with black tea and citrus.

These drinks will be perfect to enjoy on Father's Day (16th June in France).

Old fashioned cocktail



- 4 cl of Teeling Small Batch whiskey

- 1 dash of Angostura bitter

- 1 orange peel

- 1 piece of sugar


1/ Pour directly in a glass.

2/ Put sugar in a glass, spray it with Angostura, a pinch of whiskey then crush it and toss until the complete dissolution of sugar. Add ice and the whisky to finish.

3/ Serve in a "old fashioned" glass (whisky glass).

4/ Decoration: add a large orange slice.

Black tea and citrus mocktail



- 1 tea bag Earl Grey Whittard of Chelsea

- 5 cl of orange juice

- 2 cl of syrup or lemon juice

- 1 cl or a few drops of orange blossom

- crushed ice


1/ In boiling water add a tea bag Earl Grey. Let infuse 3-5 minutes, reserve and let cool.

2/ Apart, add 5 cl of apple juice, 2 cl of lemon juice and 1 cl of orange blossom

3/ When the tea has cooled, add 275 ml to the rest of the preparation.

4/ Mix everything with a cocktail mixing stick.

5/ For more freshness, add a few ice cubes in your glass.

Share your photos of this cocktails on Instagram with the hashtag #lecomptoirirlandais so we can share it!

Article written by Manon C.

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