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The Timeless Aran Sweater


This sweater comes from Aran Irish Islands. It is traditionally worn to protect from the cold and bad weather. The wool has great clothes’ properties. These sweater are traditionally knitted in the hurt of the irish towns, according to grounds that passed from generation to generation. Discover the history of Aran’s sweater.

Aran’s sweater became emblematic for fashion : It was adopted by celebrities like McQueen or Marylin Monroe. Ideal to keep warm, timeless, it can be worn with all kinds of outfits. It can be easy worn with accessories or special materials to add a touch of fashion during winter.

Pull et bottes en cuir Pull et jupe en suède Snood & manteau cuir

In pure new wool and in merinos wool, Aran sweaters are clothes made with authentic materials. That is why it is so well juxtaposed with others natural textures, like imitation leather, in version mat or glossy. A light brown leather belt, a black handbag, a nubuck skirt or suede boots highlight the comfortable aspect, warm and soft of the Aran’s sweater. Declined into snood, it is perfectly adapted to the leather jacket.

The Aran’s sweater easily affirm its identity and material… It is the ideal sweater to play with textures, a classic principle of fashion. It is easy to accord your Aran sweater with a black skirt or a chiffon skirt. Soft colours are ideal. Try camel, light pink, brown or ecru… You can enhance your outfit with accessories with more contrasted colours, or some colorful touches.

To have a casual style with the Aran sweater, try a pair of baskets with bright colours. Streetwear effect guaranteed ! In perfect simplicity, you can wear the Aran sweater with a jean.

Pull avec bijouPull & collier oversize

For a glamorous touch, why not add a gold belt or an oversize necklace?

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Pull avec bottes

Photos' sources : Pinterest, Carraig Donn & Le Comptoir Irlandais.

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