Recipe: The Irish Christmas Punch


Like the French with their mulled wine and the Antilles with their Christmas rum punch, the Irish have a long-standing winter drink in the Irish traditions that mark the spirit of Christmas.

The spicy punch with Irish hot whiskey is usually drunk during the coldest months of the year in Ireland. Made with whiskey, lemon, cloves, a cinnamon stick, a little honey or a pinch of brown sugar, this very Irish grog is a seasonal drink for the holiday season. Spices and cloves are often associated with the Christmas spirit.

Very simple and quick to prepare, this winter drink is very sweet and is generally appreciated with its lemon honey and spice flavours, even by non-whiskey drinkers.

Make your own Irish Christmas punch with the recipe below:

The ingredients:

- 45 ml of whiskey

- 90 ml of boiling water

- 1 teaspoon of honey or a pinch of brown sugar

- Slice of lemon

- 4 to 6 cloves

- 1 cinnamon stick

You can put lemon, cloves and cinnamon at your convenience. It is also possible to place other spices or ingredients according to your imagination ...

Several whiskeys can be used to prepare Irish Christmas punch. Bushmills with its "Original" version lends itself particularly well to exercise with its rich notes of fruit, honey and vanilla. You can also opt for the Jameson Black Barrel, full of spices and fruits, which will go perfectly with the other ingredients of this Irish punch. Powers, the most consumed whiskey in Ireland, is also a safe bet with its ample Gold Label, dominated by cereal with honey and spice flavours.

Verre de punch


1 / Pour hot water into your cup

2 / Add honey (or sugar) and stir to dissolve

3 / Pour the dose of whiskey

4 / Prick the cloves in the slice of lemon and place it and the cinnamon stick in the cup

5 / Let infuse a few moments.


Whiskey chaud irlandais - Hot whiskey

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