The new spirit bottlings available at Le Comptoir Irlandais


For more than 30 years, the whisky planet has no secrets for our experts who select the best whiskies among the most prestigious and original brands. From their regular visits to the best distilleries around the world, they bring back fabulous treasures to supply our whisky cellar which has no less than 1000 references!

1. Our exclusive bottlings:

Our experts visit the distillery cellars very regularly to select barrels. They bring back samples to test them again and refine their choices. They balance their selections to meet customers' desires, between straight from the barrel, redwoods, peat and non peat.

Here are their very last selections :

- Teeling Single Pot Still Batch 3 (€59.50) :

Exclusively distributed at Le Comptoir Irlandais for France, the new limited edition Teeling Single Pot Still is the latest version where the batch number is still mentioned. This Single Pot Still is distilled from 50% non malted and 50% malted spring barley. Distilled three times and aged in a combination of 3 casks (new casks, wine casks and ex-bourbon casks), this whiskey was bottled in June 2019: 6,000 bottles for the world including the last 1,200 for Le Comptoir Irlandais in France.

- Teeling Style Cask Sherry Cask 18562 (€95.00) :

This whiskey from the Irish house is aged in sherry barrels since 2008 to its natural degree, 59.5°.

- Kilchoman Small Batch Bourbon-Sherry (€85.00) :

Made from bourbon and sherry casks, this whisky with citrus notes and peat smoke is limited to 900 bottles.

- Kavalan 2011 Port Cask Brut de fût (€149.50) :

Exceptional, already at maturity despite its young age.

- Loch Lomond 2008 Hogshead (€89.50) :

Aged in an exceptional cask providing floral, fruity and slightly smoky notes, this raw cask whisky has been bottled at 254 bottles since 2008.

Arran 2008 Small Batch #119 10 ans (€69.50) :

Exclusively aged in Pineau des Charentes casks, this whisky with floral and grape notes is limited to 972 bottles.

- Edradour Sherry Butt 2009 (€95.00) :

The exceptional close to perfection. A fruit bomb that explodes in the mouth.
Edradour peated versions are distilled only 6 weeks a year.

- Ballechin Sherry Butt 2008 (€99.50) :

This 2008 vintage is of a remarkable roundness allied to the peat of the Speyside.

Next spring, we will be offering you a Glenglassaugh 2012 American Wine Hogshead bottling.

2. Our INK#1 collection, 6 Signatory Vintage bottlings:

In December we will also offer you Signatory Vintage bottlenecks with a new range, INK#1.

Founded in 1988, this Scottish company is one of the largest independent bottlers in the world, specialized in Scottish Single Malts from single cask.

INK#1 by Le Comptoir Irlandais new whiskies

- Glenlivet 2006 Sherry Butt (€119.00) :

An almost black colour and aromas of candied fruit of an unusual richness.

Caol Ila 2013 Wine Cask (€85.00) :

Aged in a wine cask that sublimes this whisky with gourmet and ashy notes.

- Benrinnes 1996 Hogshead (€89.50) :

A fiery, explosive whisky in which notices a slight acid note.

Strathmill 2009 First Fill Hogshead (€69.50) :

A whiskey with exhilarating aromas that take us back to childhood: milky flavours, then caramel and toffee from overseas before a finish on brioched notes.

Bunnahabhain Stoisha 2014 (€90.00) :

Young and lively Single Malt that has had a short aging in barrel to limit the influence of wood and let express itself fully the very present peat.

Mortlach 2008 First Fill Bourbon Barrel (€72.00) :

Selected for its exuberance, this cask provides greed and exoticism, one would find almost notes of rum.

3. Our new selection of exceptional rums:

With the same passion and the same requirement as for our whisky cellar, we travel more exotic paths: in our liquor cellar, we offer you a complete exploration of the «rum» universe in 150 references, excellent classics and exclusive bottlings.

Today we are offering 3 new exceptional Rum Plantation bottlenecks, coming directly from Panama, Barbados and Guatemala.

Initiated by the Maison Ferrand, the Plantation Rhum label consists of a collection of rum from the best distilleries in the Caribbean, designed in a traditional way, produced in rum distilleries and aged in barrels under the tropical sun.

Here are the Plantation Single Cask rums 2019 collection:

- Plantation Panama 27 ans d'âge (€99.50) :

Aged 25 years in ex-bourbon casks, then 1 and a half years in Cognac Ferrand casks and 6 months in Teeling Single Malt casks.

- Plantation Barbade 7 ans d'âge (€69.00) :

Powerful and rich, this rum has aged 5 years in bourbon barrels, then 1 year in Partizan beer barrels and 1 year in Cognac Ferrand barrels.

- Plantation Guatemala XO (€65.00) :

Aged several years in bourbon barrels then 1 year in Cognac Ferrand barrels, it is then refined 6 months in Amburana barrels which gives it an incredible white chocolate flavour.

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