Our malicious Halloween cocktails


Halloween is coming, for the occasion surprise your guests!

With our selection of colourful cocktails with and without alcohol with surprising flavours, your guests will not remain indifferent…

Halloween Bajan Cooler

A simple yet bewitching cocktail with fruity flavours highlighted by the spice notes of amber rum.

Bajan cooler

Ingredients :

- 2 cl Mango Passion Fruit Spread

- 5 cl amber rum

- 10 cl Ginger beer

-1 green mint leaf for decoration


1/ On a few ice cubes, pour mango and passion fruit spread and rum.

2/ Mix vigorously.

3/ Complete the glass with the Ginger beer.

4/ Add a mint leaf to decorate.

Icons made by Good Ware from www.flaticon.com

Witch's poison

Both liquid and solid, this original cocktail surprises with the freshness of mint associated with elder flower.

Witch's poison


Jelly part:

- 1 cl green mint syrup

- 1 cl green mint liqueur

- 1 cl St Germain liqueur

- 6 cl green tea

-  1 sheet of food gelatin

Cocktail part:

- 2 cl pea juice

- 3 cl St Germain liqueur

- 4 cl vodka

- 6 cl Lemon Tonic


1/ 12 hours in advance, make the green jelly of the cocktail by pouring the ingredients in a saucepan over low heat and stir gently until the gelatin has melted.

2/ Place a glass in such a way that it is inclined and then pour in the hot preparation. Wait 12 hours before straightening the glass with the solidified jelly.

3/ Prepare the second part with the pea juice, the Elderflower liqueur and the vodka. Mix and pour into the glass.

4/ Finish by gently pouring the Lemon Tonic.

Icons made by Freepik from www.flaticon.com

The little devil

This mocktail recipe is alcohol-free but remains diabolical with chillies and spices.

Ingredients :Little devil

- 5 cl red pepper juice

- 5 cl de sparkling strawberries and raspberries soda

- 1 cl spice syrup

- 1 cl tonic Water

- 2 chillis for decoration


1/ Mix pepper juice, strawberry and raspberry beverage and spice syrup vigorously.

2/ Before pouring the mixture into the glass, filter it with a sieve.

3/ Top up with a touch of Tonic Water.

4/ Finally, decorate the glass with 2 chillies as devil’s horns.

Icons made by Nikita Golubev from www.flaticon.com


A bloody cocktail in the colours of the famous Halloween monster...

Ingredients : 

- 50 ml gin

- 20ml lemon juice

- 20ml cucumber juice

- 15ml green apple syrup

- Franklin & Sons Elderflower tonic

Preparation :

1/ The "blood" dripping down the side of the glass is a raspberry coulis which is thickened with cornflour. Place the glass into the mixture to coat the outer.

2/ Add all the ingredients into a highball glass and garnish with mint.

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Icons made by Good Ware, Nikita Golubev et Freepik from www.flaticon.com

Article written by Justine L.

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