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O'hara's Irish Red 33cl 4.3°

Brewery : Carlow / Country : Ireland / Reference: : 20714

Inspired with their beautiful surroundings, the Celtic monks of St Molings monastery (6th century), South Carlow, crafted the Molings book, a gospel with highly artistic illustrations.

On the same level of craftsmanship, the traditional red beer Molings (today's O'Hara's Irish Red) has been brewed with the same care and dedication.

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Volume0.33 L
Net Weight0.33 kg
ABV4.3 °

In 1996, the Carlow brewery was established by the O’Hara Brothers. The O’Hara beer became international when the Celtic brown beer was elected number 1 at the Millenium Brewery International Ceremony.

The marriage of traditional brewing techniques, modern technology with the finest natural ingredients make Carlow beers amongst the richest, most flavoured and most complex beers.

The brewery is located in The Goods Store, a wonderful stone-walled building formerly used as a loading and unloading warehouse for the nearby train station. Now refurbished, the brewery includes a tasting bar, perfect for visitors who wish to taste the local beer while discovering the brewery’s interior.

O’Hara’s Irish Red is perfect served with roasted main courses.