Smithwick's Pale Ale 50cl 4.5°

Reduced price! Smithwick's Pale Ale 50cl 4.5°

Brewery : Smithwick's / Country : Ireland / Reference: : 22865

Zero Waste offer: with good conservation, a beer does not expire and can be consumed beyond the consumption date, it can possibly lose flavor and bitterness.

This product has a best before date of 08/12/2022.

This amber beer is full-flavoured and full-bodied. It has been brewed traditionally from Amarillo hops. The result is quite impressive.

The Smithwick's Pale Ale is topped with a creamy foam and shows notes of citrus and wild flowers. Its herbaceous body is the original touch of this golden beer, with a hint of bitterness and a long finish.

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Volume0.5 L
ABV4.5 °
TypeAmber Ale

Smithwick's is an iconic Irish beer crafted by the St. Francis Abbey brewery, which also produces Kilkenny in Ireland. It was created by John Smithwick in 1710.

Built on the ruins of an underground Franciscan Abbey, St. Francis Abbey, it is the largest producer of beer in Ireland and the oldest brewery in the country. The Guinness group is the owner of the Smithwick's brand.

 The "w" is not to be pronounced. In Ireland, it is generally pronounced in the following ways (due in large part to the different accents and Irish dialects): "Smithicks" - "Smitticks" - "Schmiddicks" - "Smeth-icks".

Allergen information: contains barley and gluten.

Best before: see bottle.

Colour: golden with creamy top.

Nose: subtle and generous floral aromas of Amarillo hop. Light biscuity and caramel flavours.

Palate: clean and full.

Finish: long with a bitter touch.