Highland Park 15 Years Old Loki 70cl 48.7°

Archive Highland Park 15 Years Old Loki 70cl 48.7°
Distillery : Highland Park / Country : Scotland / Reference: : 39152

Loki is the second release of the Valhalla collection, inspired from the Scandinavian mythology. After Thor and Loki releases, Highland Park completed the collection with Freya and Odin.

One of the most complex characters of the Nordic mythology, Loki constantly challenges the order and hierarchy of Gods in the Kingdom of Asgard. However, his mischievious actions always lead to the rise of new heroes among the Gods.

Just like its name, this whisky is unpredictable and impetuous, maybe also referring to the constantly changing weather of the Orkney Islands, where is sited the Highland Park distillery. Quite vibrant and strong, this Single Malt develops a impressive variety of flavours with a great complexity.

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ABV48.7 °
TypeSingle malt
DistilleryHighland Park
Age15 years
PackagingDrakkar Wooden Box

Highland Park is the most northern Scottish distillery, and overlooks Kirkwall town and the famous Scapa Flow.

At the end of the 18th century, Magnus Eunson, pastor and famous smuggler, would have distilled whisky where the distillery is now sat. He used to hide stocks of illegal whisky under his pulpit. Highland Park doubled its production capacity in 1898, 10 years after being purchased by James Grant from the Glenlivet distillery. It has been part of the Highlands Distilleries Groups since 1937.

5 key elements contribute to the success of Highland Park Single Malt :

  • The hand-turned malt completes its aromatic and balanced character;

  • The aromatic peat imparts a seducing and generous floral sweetness to the malt;

  • Chill-maturation magnifies its sweetness;

  • The oak casks account for the complexity and unique richness of the malt;

  • The cask harmonization grants consistency and balance.

Nose: a touch of dried bitter orange, slowly evolving onto lemon peels, followed with cardamome and gingerbread. A drop of water reveals liquorice and smoke.

Palate: its waxy texture is deepened with intense smoky notes belying the nose, and the illusion of lemon flavours disappear. The smoke allows liquorice and spiced apples to break through. Lemon and grapefruits are also part of this elusive, surprising character. With a dash of water, lingering notes dark chocolate melting over smouldering ember offer a delicate, smoky impression.

Finish: Loki has a taste of roasted cloves, smoke and sweet vanilla. A constantly changing spirit, from inhalation to aftertaste.