Bookmark and Pen Set with Irish Symbols

Brand : Sea Gems / Country : England / Reference: : 37266

Differents Irish symbols are representing on this bookmark and this pen:
the clover or "shamrock", the celtic cross, "trinity knot" or trinity knot as well as the "claddagh", famous pattern often worn on engagement ring.

This set contains brass, without nickel.

Dimensions of the black ballpoint pen: 13 cm.
Dimensions of the bookmark: 125 x 30 mm.

25,95 € tax incl.

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BrandSea Gems

Sea Gems is a family business that has been crafting jewellery for more than 30 years in Cornwall, England.

Their jewellery collection is inspired by the rich Celtic past and traditions but also by modern designs and trends.

Made of brass (without nickel).