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Patrick Mahe's Whisky Culture

Country : France / Reference: : 37329

Whisky is not only a famous spirit, it is also a way of life. This book traces back the history of Irish whiskey, Scotch whisky and American Bourbon, but also unveils the roots of Japanese and Breton whisky production.

Journalist Patrick Mahe presents an overview of whisky myths and stories around the world, with directions to the best Irish, Scottish, American and Japanese distilleries. There is something for everyone's taste: for the "straight up" or "on the rocks" whisky lovers, Irish or Scotch aficionados or Japanese or Breton whisky fans... Choose your way of life, discover the legends and culture of whisky.

The magical world of whisky (uisce beatha in Gaelic) boasts a rich legacy: born under the shamrock, the Emerald Isle whiskey and Scotch Malt won over the world from the Highlands, home of the tartan. It crossed the seas on the Scots and Irishmen's route to the New World. The French Monarchy bestowed the Seal of the Bourbons on American whiskey in Louisville, hence its name in Kentucky. And today, many know of the quality of Japanese whisky, inherited from Scottish knowledge... and proudly celebrating 90 years!

This book includes a list of the top 100 best world whiskies and a rich addressbook to the best places for whisky tasting!

Ce livre inclue le top 100 des meilleurs whiskies du monde et un carnet d’adresses qui nous ouvre les portes des lieux incontournables pour déguster les meilleurs blends !

Language: French.


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