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Tom Smith Silver & White Party Crackers x 6

Brand : Tom Smith / Reference: : 60367
The Christmas crackers, these beautifully decorated papillotes are, at the time of the holiday season, essential in the Anglo-Saxon tradition.
Original, playful and decorative, the crackers are placed on each guest’s plate. Once everyone is at the table, everyone opens their papillote, thus releasing in a dry noise small presents that will delight small and large!

Each papillote contains a paper Christmas hat, a small proverb or a joke in English as well as a small gadget (mini card game, pen, bottle opener...). The content may vary.

The box includes 6 papillotes.

16,95 € tax incl.

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BrandTom Smith

Since 1847, the famous Tom Smith brand has been supplying British homes with Christmas Crackers. Christmas Crackers are part of a tradition: they open with a firecracker noise and delight everyone for the Christmas meal.

Originally wrapping a candy and a note, crackers quickly became a not-to-be-missed British tradition.

Tom Smith is the official supplier of Her Majesty the Queen Elisabeth II, and designs elegant and festive Christmas Crackers for a perfect Christmas atmosphere.

Artifices suitable for indoor use.

WARNING: The pull firecracker must not be operated outside the packaging provided for this purpose. Pull the ends of the foil by keeping it away from the face. Do not shoot near eyes or ears. Pull both ends with arms outstretched firmly and sharply. Do not remove the firecracker.

WARNING: Use only under the supervision of an adult. Not suitable for children under 3 years old due to the presence of small parts / beads that may present a choking hazard. The presence of glass can cause injury if used improperly.