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Tom Smith Party Crackers Kraft x6

Brand : Tom Smith / Reference: : 60360

For Christmas and New Year's Eve, share a fun family moment with the Christmas Crackers! This box is made up of 6 kraft paper butterflies beautifully decorated with traditional Christmas designs.

The crackers are placed on the plate of each guest. As you sit down, cross arms with people sitting next to you, hold and pull the end of your wrapper and the one of your neighbour.

Each cracker contains a hat, a little word in English and a fancy item (mini card game, pen, bottle opener ...). The box includes 6 twists.

Content may vary.

16,95 € tax incl.

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BrandTom Smith

Since 1847, the famous Tom Smith brand has been supplying British homes with Christmas Crackers. Christmas Crackers are part of a tradition: they open with a firecracker noise and delight everyone for the Christmas meal.

Originally wrapping a candy and a note, crackers quickly became a not-to-be-missed British tradition.

Tom Smith is the official supplier of Her Majesty the Queen Elisabeth II, and designs elegant and festive Christmas Crackers for a perfect Christmas atmosphere.