Whisky or whiskey ?

Le whiskey irlandaisLe whisky écossais

Irishmen spell it « whiskey » to differentiate themselves from the Scottish spirit…

For a good Irish whiskey, you need 7 days and 7 years: 7 days for the distillation, 7 years for the maturation…

Usually, Irish whiskey is distilled three times, Scotch whisky is distilled twice and the American Bourbon only once.

Malt or blend ?

BlendPure MaltSingle Malt

The major part of the malt whisky production is used in blends. Only a tiny proportion will be sold as “Single Malt” whisky.

Standard blends

A blended Scotch whisky may include up to 50 grain and malt whiskies.


A blend is obtained by combination of 15 to 50 whiskies following a recipe kept secret by the distillery.

Luxury blends

A luxury blend mostly contains very old malt.

Vatted Malt or Pure Malt

It is a blend of whiskies of various ages originating from the same distillery, without addition of grain whiskey.

Single Malt

Single Malt refers to malt whisky originating from the same distillery.

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