tea qualities

Les vertus du thé

Specialists agree that tea has a stimulating effect on the organism, characterised by slight euphoria and excitement, reduced tiredness and improved intellectual activity.  

Tea owes its properties not only to caffeine and theine but also to other components.

A tea infusion contains indeed:

  • Common components present in every food products, energetic and mineral substances, vitamins.
  • Specific components such as theine, flavouring substances, tannins, giving tea its specific taste, flavour and physiologic properties.


It is interesting to mention that tea infusion is rich in fluor, preventing tooth decay. Tea is also a source of group B vitamins - some of which are factors of growth.

Tea infusion contains a good proportion of theine depending on the origin of the tea and how long it has been brewed. For a normally brewed infusion, the quantity of theine is enough to be stimulating but does not cause excessive excitement.

Aromatic components of tea are numerous and varied, they give tea its special and delicious flavour. Tannins give tea a slightly acid taste and have a positive effect on the digestive system.

We may rank tea as one of the healthiest, most pleasant and tonic drinks.

Numerous companies have noticed that serving tea to their employees when tiredness arises in the middle of the afternoon, help them get back to work with renewed energy, extinguished thirst and overcome weariness.

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