Sheridan's Black & White 70cl 15.5°

Best pick Sheridan's Black & White 70cl 15.5°
Country : Ireland / Reference: : 24686

Tasting Sheridan is a unique experience! This Irish liqueur produced in Dublin is so original with its double-section bottle, with vanilla white chocolate liqueur in the first one and a blend of whiskey and coffee liqueur in the second one. The liqueurs are poured together and blend naturally in the glass, in a lovely swirl, amazing both to the eye and the tastebud!

Tilt the glass while pouring your Sheridan's Black & White to allow the black coffee liqueur to overlap under the cream liqueur.

A perfect tasting on ice or with coffee.

25,00 € tax incl.

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Volume0.7 L
ABV15.5 °

The sweet taste of cream, coffee and chocolate gives way to a well-balanced blend rich in coffee and vanilla, with dark chocolate and nut flavours.