Etsu 70cl 43°

Best pick Etsu gin 70cl 43�

Distillery : Etsu / Country : Japan / Reference: : 23659

Made on the island of Hokkaido, the northernmost of Japan's islands, Etsu gin means "pleasure" in Japanese. This gin is handcrafted following an ancient Asian recipe that requires the use of various herbs, spices and citrus fruits, some of which can only be found in Asia.

The recipe for this gin is secret, the originality of this gin lies in the presence of yuzu, in addition to the presence of the traditional juniper. This fruit is actually a citrus fruit very popular in Asian countries.

This gin turns out to be round and balanced with notes of citrus.

It is one of the first Japanese gin on the market. In 2018 it received a double gold medal at the San Francisco World Spirit awards.

The Wall Street Journal placed Etsu at the 2nd step of the podium in its ranking of the best Japanese gins in 2020.

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Volume0.7 L
ABV43 °
Colour: transparent.

Nose: floral and vegetal, pronounced notes of citrus and yuzu.

Palate: fresh and well balanced with pepper and hints of liquorice.

Finish: round, supple and silky.

Number 2 on the ranking of the best Japanese gins 2020 by the Wall Street Journal.

Double gold medal at San Francisco World Spirit in 2018.