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La Hechicera Serie Expérimental n°2 70cl 41°

Country : Colombia / Reference: : 24694

This new cuvée, the 2nd in the "Experimental Series", has never better carried its enchanting name ("hechicera" in Spanish)!

Made in the heart of Colombia, under the close supervision of a Japanese Cellar Master, it pays tribute to the history of the Riascos family, its creators, banana growers for 3 generations.

Hechicera rum is presented in a superb bottle stamped with a blue wax seal, typical of the brand, and has been signed and numbered by hand.

It comes from a blend of different vintages aged between 12 and 21 years in Bourbon barrels, then matured in barrels in which bananas have infused for several months, giving it unique flavours.

Neither coloured nor cold filtered, without any added sugar.

72,00 € tax incl.

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Volume0.7 L
ABV41 °
TypeOld Rum

It is in the heart of Colombia, nestled between the Magdalena River and the Caribbean Sea, that the small bodega Casa Santana has been mixing the best La Hechicera rum for more than twenty years.

A craftsmanship derived from the experience of the Master Blender Giraldo Mituoka Kagana that he acquired over time in this lively city and rich in exotic flavours.

The result is a rum of great finesse, rich in flavours that reflects the biodiversity and all the beauty of the country.

Nose: aromas of ripe banana, vanilla and dried fruits.

Palate: pleasant and spicy, candied orange, salted butter caramel.

Finish: oak, spices.