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The Kurayoshi 8 Years Old 70cl 43°

Distillery : Kurayoshi / Country : Japan / Reference: : 23646

Kurayoshi means "life is beautiful", this pure Malt 8 years old is a blend of Japanese and Scottish whiskies aged exclusively in old bourbon caks. This aging brings a depth of rich aromas and vanilla notes to this whisky.

Kurayoshi Pure Malt 8 years old has benefitted from pure waters from the volcanic rocks of the volcano Daisen that bring a unique finish to this Japanese whisky .

This whisky is non chill-filtered and without caramel.

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Volume0.7 L
ABV43 °
Age8 years
CharacteristicsNon Chill-Filtered

Kurayoshi Distillery is located in Tottori Province, Japan. She is part of the Matsui group led by Takeshi Matsui and also producer of sake and shochu since 1910.

The Kurayoshi distillery, which means “life is beautiful”, has spring water filtered by volcanic rocks. Fine and soft, it is essential for the distillation process.

Located by the sea and enjoying an ideal climate for the creation of unique expressions, the expressions of Kurayoshi are shaped by nature.

The whisky is aged in barrels essentially designed from Japanese oak or cherry wood to develop all the flavors of their productions.

Colour: light gold.

Nose: fresh malted barley and dried fruits.

Palate: toasted nuts and vanilla.

Finish: freshness, beautiful length.

Silver medal, aged 12 and under Japanese Blended Malt category, World Whiskies Awards 2021.

Double gold medal at the 2020 San Francisco World Whisky Awards.

Best Blended Malt, World Whiskies Awards 2019.