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Jack Daniel's Gentleman Jack 70cl 40°

• Volume0.7 L
• Net Weight0.7 kg
• ABV40 °
• TypeTennessee whiskey
• DistilleryJack Daniel's
• CountryUnited States
• RegionTennessee
• MaturationNew Oak
• PeatNon Peated
• PackagingCaseless
• Reference :20627

37,50 €

Gentleman Jack is extremely soft and mellow as it is the only whiskey which has been double-filtered through maple wood: firstly before being transferred to the cask and, for Gentleman Jack only, filtered a second time when fully mature, right before the bottling.

At the time, Jack Daniel tried to double-filter its first whiskey himself, but available techniques did not allow for a successful product. His successors picked up on the idea and created Gentleman Jack in 1988. This last one completes the Tennessee Whiskeys range.

Gentleman Jack is full-bodied, with rich notes of fruits and spices, and a subtle, silky, warm and pleasant finish. Be proud when sipping Gentleman Jack, as it is the whiskey of a gentleman.

Jack Daniel’s is one of the oldest licensed distilleries of the United States. It is today marked as a site of national historical importance.

At the age of 7, Jack Daniel left his family and started working in a Tennessee distillery. At the age of 13, he purchased the company and became owner of the distillery. In 1886, he established the Jack Daniel’s Distillery, in Lynchburg, Tennessee, and obtained a license on the same year. The famous Tennessee whiskey is still produced today, according to the methods set up by Mr. Jack in 1866. In the “rickyard”, the distillery staff manufactures the charcoal used in the “mellowing” process of the whiskey. The distillate is then filtered drop by drop through a thick layer of maple wood charcoal. That process is the one giving Jack Daniel’s whiskey its unique taste. Whiskey is then aged for 5 years in new charred oak casks.

Jack Daniel’s also crafts by-products with whiskey, such as barbecue sauces. Experts only swear by famous American BBQ sauces! The fine Jack Daniel’s barbecue sauces are made with genuine Jack Daniel’s Tennessee Whiskey, and are great to jazz up your meat, fish, poultry and vegetables.



Très bon whisky pour ma part à comparer Avec le single barrel que j'ai pas encore goûter.

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    Jack Daniel's Gentleman Jack 70cl 40°

    Jack Daniel's Gentleman Jack 70cl 40°

    Gentleman Jack is a must of Jack Daniel's distillery: it is a Tennessee whiskey, unlike Bourbon whiskey which comes from Kentucky.

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    Colour: amber with copper glints.

    Nose: ethereal, with characteristic notes of charred wood, hallmark of Jack Daniel's. Slightly peaty due to corn, barley and rye.

    Palate: mellow and oily with a rich flavour, dry on the first hit and developing onto sweet notes of liquorice brought by the double-filtration process.

    Finish: of medium-length, evolves onto liquorice and roasted notes.

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