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Waterford Arcadian Serie Organic Gaia Ed. 1.1 70cl 50°

Distillery : Waterford / Country : Ireland / Reference: : 24276

The first Single Malt from the Irish Waterford distillery made 100% with Irish barley from organic farming, this Organic Gaia Edition 1.1 version is very indulgent by placing malt at the heart of the tasting.

This bottling kicks off the new Arcadian series - an unconventional range of organic, biodynamic and heritage distillates. This first whisky is distilled from organic Irish barley cultivated by Paddy Tobin, Alan Jackson, Pat and Denis Booth, Jason Stanley, Trevor Harris and John Mallick.

Malted barley goes so far as to take on rustic tones that particularly highlight the work of the 7 farmers, on 6 different soils, who gave birth to it.

This version is the result of a blend of first-fill Bourbon barrels (42%), American new oak barrels (17%), French oak barrels (23%) and barrels that contained a natural sweet wine (18 %).

86,00 € tax incl.

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Volume0.7 L
TypeSingle malt
RegionWaterford county
MaturationBourbon & New Oak
PeatNon Peated
CharacteristicsOrganic product

The Waterford distillery was launched by Mark Reynier in Ireland, drawing inspiration from the greatest winegrowers in the world, and is generating enormous interest among whisky lovers around the world.

After having brilliantly directed the Bruichladdich distillery, Mark Reynier launched a new challenge in the world of whisky with Waterford, that of transparency to reveal and enhance the spirit of the terroirs. The distillery will relentlessly transpose to the single malt whisky the same intellectual approach, the same methodology and the same rigor that exist in the world of wine.

Through its “Téireoir code” system, Waterford makes known all the indications which influenced the qualities of its bottlings, of the soil of the field, through its geolocation, the variety of barley, yeast, the barrels used and the assembly carried out: a terroir, a farm, a harvest ... As a bonus, interviews with farmers, superb photos and the sounds of the field can be found on the page dedicated to each Single Malt.

Waterford thus reveals the often underestimated influence of all the elements such as the earth, or the microclimate on the production of whisky.

"For years people have been deceived as to the source of the quality of whisky: first the stills, then the water and now the barrels. We want to highlight what makes whisky the most complex spirit in the world, the original source of its extraordinary aromas and flavours: barley." Says Mark Reynier, founder of the Waterford distillery. "The new Single Farm Origin range is a series of limited editions of natural whiskies with ultra-sharp origins that reveal the Irish terroir farm by farm, place by place. They are the expression of precision and rarity, revealing the aromas and flavours of barley from small Irish farms and varying with each harvest."

Backed by cutting-edge technology, Waterford Single Malts push the boundaries of authenticity and traceability.

Whisky Waterford

Colour: golden yellow with green reflections.

Nose: vanilla and grassy (verbena, sage), the first nose is also wonderfully lactic (coconut, almond milk) and lemony. When aired, ripe fruit (pear, mirabelle plum), spearmint and beeswax provide a pleasant sensation of maturity and freshness to the aromatic palette.

Palate: ample, rich with vanilla and herbaceous notes. Malted barley takes over the mid-palate with notes of green licorice, fresh walnuts and orange blossom. Both firm and creamy, the aftertaste is finely cocoa and gourmet (baked apple, candied pear).

Overall: long, silky. The start of the finish is rustic, malty and herbaceous (chamomile, sage, savory). Finely tannic, its mouth feel oscillates between invigorating bitterness (gentian) and fruity sweetness (grape pulp and yellow plum). Perfect synthesis of the nose and the mouth, the retro-olfaction changes from distillate to malted barley and from malted barley to fruits.