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Trois Rivières Double Wood 70cl 43°

Brand : Trois Rivières / Country : Martinique / Reference: : 23740

Double Wood is an agricultural rum aged in two different wood. After fermentation in open tanks and distillation in a creole column, this rum spent 7 months in American oak casks, then 9 months in small 200L French casks containing whisky. 

The aging takes place in new French oak barrels, old cognac barrels and old bourbon barrels. Bottled in Martinique, all Trois Rivières rum is filtered at room temperature, without the use of caramel.

This double maturation brings a finesse and a beautiful structure to this rum.

This Trois Rivières Double Wood is part of the new range of rum "Les Editions du Bar by Trois Rivières" with three other rum "55 origins", "cannes brûlées" and "Rhum vieux de l'Océan".

Founded around 1660, the Trois Rivières plantation is one of the oldest in Martinique. Located in the south of the island, the Moulin is the original distillation site of the famous Trois Rivières rum. Today inactive, this site remains an unmissable tourist attraction.

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Volume0.7 L
ABV43 °
TypeAmber rum
BrandTrois Rivières
MaturationOak Casks

The Trois Rivières (Three Rivers) plantation was founded in 1660 by Nicolas Fouquet, Superintendent of Finances for Louis XIV, allotting himself 2000 hectares in the south of Martinique. It is only in 1785 that the rum production starts, completing the sugar production, when a powerful landlord from the north of the island, Etienne Isaïe Marraud Des Grottes, bought the plantation.

After being purchased by the B.B. Company, also owner of the La Mauny rum, the Trois Rivières production is moved to Rivière Pilote in 2004, where is located the La Mauny distillery. The precious original continuous still, that brings all of Trois Rivières characteristics, is reassembled on the new site, securing the quality of the spirit.

The Trois Rivières rum has held a “Martinique” Protected Denomination of Origin since 1996.

The Trois Rivieres rums develop a unique mineral style characterized by its hallmark full-bodied structure and aromatic richness. As the plantation faces south the canes grow easily near the shore and receive plenty of sun, imparting to the Trois Rivieres rum all of its special characteristics, as it is crafted from pure sugarcane juice.

The white rum develops a pleasant freshness and mineral edge. The good batches are left to age in oak casks for at least 3 years, to get the “Old Rum” appellation, and are characterized by a complex blend of spices and oaky flavours.

The refinement of Trois Rivieres rum resides in the very specific shape of the large column still and the pouring methods kept secret by the master distillers.

Nose: dried fruits, honey and jam. Notes of herbal tea and precious wood. Stewed fruits, notes of coffee and cocoa.

Taste: oily, soft and smooth. Delicate and balanced with notes of spices and pepper.

Finish: long with different shades, in the line of flavours felt.