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Arran Peated 2008 70cl 46°

Archive Arran Peated 2008 70cl 46°

Distillery : Arran / Country : Scotland / Reference: : 22892

Arran Peated 2008 has been exclusively bottled for Le Comptoir Irlandais from a Single Barrel held at the Arran Malt distillery. This expression is limited to 325 bottles.

Aged in a cask specially selected by Le Comptoir Irlandais, Arran Peated 2008 has been distilled in 2008 and aged for 7 years in first fill bourbon barrels. The malt has been dried over a peat fire hence imparting a very special flavour to this Single Barrel: this Arran is clearly a unique expression that captures all the beauty and characteristics of the Scottish island. Arran Peated 2008 is peated to 20ppm* and bottled without colourings or chill filtration.

Each cask develops its own specificities, and this Arran Peated 2008 Single Barrel offers an exceptional combination of tropical flavours, warm malty notes, fruits and peat smoke.

*PPM -  phenols parts per million, measuring the influence of the oily smoke peat infusing the germinated barley during the drying process. The longer the exposure, the highest the ppm value is. A well peated Islay whisky reaches a 40-50 ppm. But every whisky still develops its very own character and mouthfeel sensation, depending on the style of each distillery.

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Volume0.7 L
ABV46 °
TypeSingle malt
Age7 years
PeatLightly Peated
CharacteristicsSingle Barrel

Arran is the only distillery located on the Isle of Arran, Scotland. It has been established in 1995 in Lochranza.

Arran has been a part of the world of whisky for a long time. In the mid 18th century, the island had nearly fifty distilleries (most of them illegal or “moonlight” distilleries), but they all have closed since then. The new distillery opened in 1995 and renewed the tradition of Arran. The spirit produced on Arran received the “whisky” label in 1998.

Colour: warm amber.

Nose: dry tropical notes with a peaty waves flowing off the glass.

Palate: warm malty flavours with golden biscuity notes, together with a peaty backdrop. Subtle touches of pinneaple, vanilla, lime and lemon lift up the tasting.

Finish: long, fruity, peat smoke.