Balvenie 50 Years-Old 70cl 45.4° / 45.9°

Archive Balvenie 50 Years-Old 70cl 45.4° / 45.9°

Distillery : Balvenie (The) / Country : Scotland / Reference: : 36145

Balvenie distillery chose Le Comptoir Irlandais to sell its four limited edition bottles intended to France. The famous " Angles Share" makes it rare, 2% of the cask vanishing every year.

Here are two versions of this expression.

The Balvenie 50 Years-Old was distilled in 1963, has aged for a long time in two hogshead european barrels, in Dufftown distillery. These two casks patienlty aged in the best conditions during 50 years. Bavenie's 50 Years-Old °4567 cask 45.4° caught a deep reddish color, whereas n°4570 cask 45.9° has a golden color.

For cellar master David Steward, this Single Malt is a discovery after such a longue aging process. The aging process relies on chemical interactions between the wood, the distillate and its environment, David Stewart says "it's an honnor to discover after half a century how this unique 50 years-old cask turns out to be an exeptionnal malt".

The Balvenie 50 Years-Old n°4567 reveals exeptionnal notes with dark fruits (cherry and blackberry), an explosion of cinnamon and spices, ginger and hot pepper. A unique softness qualifies this exclusive malt.

The Balvenie 50 Years-Old offers a range of finely malted flavors, reminding honey, brown suggar and vanilla, raised with a hint of spices. Very soft and complex notes stretching to infinity.

Every 50 Years-Old Balvenie bottle is made in blown glass, and presented in a wooden case custom made by a scottish maker, Sam Chinnery. 49 wooden rings, originate from 7 trees of the Balvenie's distillery (Galloway Ash, Borders Oak, Lothian Walnut, Cherry and Yew, Fife Beech et Banffshire Elm). A closing copper tab reminds the distillery's premises, the stills and distillery's safe.

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TypeSingle malt
DistilleryBalvenie (The)
Age50 years
MaturationOak Casks
PackagingWooden Case

The Balvenie is a small distillery nestled in the Scottish Highlands, at the heart of the land of whisky: Speyside.

The Balvenie is a real museum, as nothing changed much since its establishment in 1892. Its name derives from the Balvenie castle (13th century), located a few hundred yards away. Since 1892, it has been family-owned and family-run. This independence allows the distillery to focus exclusively on the production of traditional craft Single Malts. The name “Balvenie” is a mystery in itself. If “Bal” means house or farm in Gaelic, the meaning of “Venie” has been lost. The Balvenie is proud to be one of the last four distilleries of the Highlands to use a traditional malting area. Four maltmen turn the malt three times a day, seven days a week, to even out the germination. The nine stills are placed under the close surveillance of a skilled blacksmith. In order to keep all of the character of The Balvenie Single Malts, the stills in used today are the exact replica of the originals. Until today, the oak casks are crafted by coopers, continuing the traditions and maintaining the skills alive as an heritage of ancient craftsmanship.

The Balvenie 50 Years-Old n°4567

Color: a red vevet pronounced color

Nose: remarkable wooden oak notes, rich and sugary, reminding dried grapes, almond and ginger.

Palate: creamy dark fruit (cherry, blackberry) followed with a spicy explosion (ginger, cinnamon, jamaican hot pepper), oak tree tannin wrap smoothly the palate.

Finish: very long, spicy fruit sirup and kernels walnuts.

The Balvenie 50 Years-Old n°4570

Color: intense gold

Nose: delicious malty notes, reminding soft honey, brown suggar, vanilla and oak tree wood heated by the sun.

Palate: an Aix calisson hinted by vanilla, a bit of caramel, balanced with a little spices.

Finish: very long and very soft.