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Tin Claddagh Brooch

Brand : St Justin / Country : England / Reference: : 37431

This brooch features the Irish symbol of love and friendship, the Claddagh. The origins of this design traditionally worn as a ring is surrounded by legends. It is associated with Claddagh, a fishermen's village in County Galway, West Ireland, where a member of the Joyce clan would have created the Claddagh ring - a heart symbolising love nestled in the hands of friendship and crowned by a oath of fidelity - as a present for his love.

The Claddagh refers to universal feelings and is worn everywhere on the planet as a sign of love or friendship.

Width: 30 mm, height: 28 mm.

20,95 € tax incl.

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BrandSt Justin

St Justin is based in Cornwall, a region of Great-Britain famous for its copper and tin mineral resources.

St Justin still keeps alive Celtic legends reflected in its tin and silver jewellery.