Christian Drouin Calvados VSOP 70cl 40°

New Christian Drouin Calvados VSOP 70cl 40°
Country : France / Reference: : 22974

This Christian Drouin calvados is the result of aging in various barrels: first in small barrels and old reburned Bordeaux wine barrels and often lined with cider before being used for calvados. Then the blend is completed with some aging in old sherry, port and Banyuls barrels, a natural sweet wine from Roussillon.

All this brings sweetness and complexity to the calvados which offers a delicious fruit with flavours of ripe apple, between roundness and finesse.

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The history of the Drouin house begins in 1960 near Honfleur in Normandy. The founder, Christian Drouin, distils the cider produced using the farm's apple trees to make old Calvados his specialty.

Aged in sherry, Port or Calvados barrels, the Christian Drouin cuvées have been growing in popularity since the 1970s and reach the greatest tables around the world.

For their production, around thirty varieties of cider apples are ripened in the estate's orchard.

The Drouin family, which has seen 3 generations succeed one another, has expanded its range to today offer pommels, gins and perries in addition to Calvados and ciders.