The 2023 whisky month

Irish whiskey or Scottish whisky? Whisky has many followers and remains the favourite spirit of the French. The demand is demanding and amateurs are curious. Our experts explore Ireland and Scotland in search of new bottles for you to discover.

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From the classic blend to the 50 years aged bottle, Le Comptoir Irlandais has been recommending for more than 30 years, specialists as well as novices. With more than 1000 references, the green shamrock brand has become an unquestioned expert. Whisky, more than a way of life, a passion first and foremost.

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In more than 30 years of travels in Ireland, Scotland and more far-off countries, Le Comptoir Irlandais has amassed a real treasure. Discover through our selection and expertise, exclusive bottlings of exceptional and unique casks that we have discovered for you while visiting distilleries.

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