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Large Paddington Bear 45 cm

Best pick Large Paddington Bear 45 cm

Brand : Paddington / Reference: : 37914

Paddington Bear was created by the author Michael Bond whose book "A Bear Named Paddington", published in 1959, was a great success which has continued.

Impossible to resist this great soft stuffed toy of this famous bear!

Machine washable. Suitable for children from birth. The coat can be removed and put back on with a scratch.

Dimensions: 45 x 25 x 15 cm.

Find Paddington Bear in small size (17 cm) and in medium size (27 cm).

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The birth of Paddington bear

On Christmas Eve 1956, Michael Bond sees a little teddy bear alone in a department store in London. He offers it to his wife and calls it Paddington since at the time the couple lived near the station of the same name.

A few years later, in 1958, Michael Bond wrote a story based on this character in "a Bear called Paddington" first published in the United Kingdom.


Determined to start a new life in England, the bear came from the far end of Peru and ended up at Paddington station. He is then adopted by the Brown family. His London adventures begin...

Elected best childrens' book in 1959, "a bear called Paddington" is then translated into many languages.

Growing success, other books on the adventures of the bear appear. With his duffle-coat and his favorite marmalade, Paddington has become an emblematic character and symbol of the UK all over the world.


For the release of the film Paddington 2, a range of products is marketed. Find stuffed toys of Paddington Bear in different sizes with its red hat and blue duffle coat, a kitchen towel, a children's umbrella, kits, a purse, mugs and snowballs. Paddington is with you at home for the pleasure of young and old alike!

Hat: felt.
Coat: fleece and scratch.
Body, head and nose: polyester.
Eyes: plastic