Hendrick's Gin 70cl 41.4°

Distillery : Hendrick's / Country : Scotland / Reference: : 21646

A truly exceptional gin, the brainchild of an eccentric grandson of William Grant. The only rose and cucumber infused gin.

Made in Girvan in the south-west of Scotland, this Hendrick's gin is a subtle infusion of grain alcohol and eleven different aromatic plants (coriander, juniper, angelica, cumin, lemon peel ...) followed by a unique distillation of Bulgarian rose petals and Dutch cucumbers.

Hendrick's has sweetness, a beautiful aromatic power and a lot of freshness.

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Volume0.7 L
Net Weight0.7 kg
ABV41.4 °
TypeLondon Dry Gin

In 1966, Charles Gordon, great-grandson of William Grant, the famous founder of Grant’s whisky, fancied buying two stills at auction. It took him 33 years to know what to do with these rarities from the nineteenth century, the Carter-Head and the Bennet.

In 1988, he met Lesley Gracie, passionate about botany, and took her on his eccentric quest. His wish was to create an elixir with his two old stills. Various distillates were created but none of them matched up the expectations of Mr. Gordon and Ms. Gracie. They did not give up.

Eventually, in 1999, they developed a kind of “special delight" by simultaneously running the two stills with an original harmony of aromatic plants to which they added infusions of cucumber and rose. Against all expectations, they managed to create the strange perfection that became Hendricks gin.