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Seizh Celtic Dry 70cl 47°

Best pick Gin seizh celtic dry 70cl 47�
Brewery : Lancelot / Country : France / Reference: : 25202

"SEIZH" means "7" (seven) in Breton.

Distilled from seven (seizh) aromatic plants, this artisanal Gin is produced in very small quantities. It is obtained after a slow and gentle maceration of the plants. The distillation is done by infusion in a Stupfler copper still in the heart of Brittany at the gates of the legendary Brocéliande forest (France).

This Celtic Dry Gin offers a complex nose that reveals notes of citrus, spice and juniper.

At the tasting, it reveals a long, fresh and unctuous finish in the mouth.

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Volume0.7 L
ABV47 °

Born in 1990, the Lancelot Brewery is located at the heart of Brittany, in a mansion built in the times of Duchess Anne. The brewery is today installed in the beautiful renovated buildings of the former gold mine of Roc St-André, built in the nineteenth century on Neolithic remains.

Beers are all handcrafted and brewed in the respect of tradition. Rich in flavours and appreciated by connoisseurs, each sip takes you to the magical world of legends of the ancient Brocéliande forest.

Colour: Translucent

Nose: complex nose that reveals notes of citrus, spices and juniper.

Palate: fresh and unctuous.

Finish: long.