Green Spot Single Pot Still 70cl 40° View full size

Green Spot Single Pot Still 70cl 40°

• Volume0.7 L
• Net Weight0.7 kg
• ABV40 °
• TypeSingle Pot Still
• DistilleryMidleton
• CountryIreland
• RegionCounty Cork
• Age7 years
• MaturationSherry & Bourbon
• PeatNon Peated
• Reference :20446

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The "Green Spot" derives from the marking developed by the Mitchell family, first brand owners, on the casks of various ages, with colour paint. It was initially a blue spot, then a red and even a yellow one, but the green spot stole the limelight and stands today as a full brand, Green Spot.

Highly sought after by Irish whiskey connoisseurs, Green Spot is a Single Pot Still whiskey made from a triple-distillation and is a perfect blend of even proportions of malted and non malted barley (Pure pot still whiskey) that aged mainly in Sherry casks and also Bourbon barrels. All the whiskeys composing Green Spot are aged 7 to 10 years.

This maturation gives Green Spot its elegance and depth. With a burnished gold colour, it is very spicy, woody but also fruity with vanilla notes.

Single Pot Still whiskey is unique to Ireland and specifically to Midleton distillery, such as Single Malt is Scotland's hallmark. We may consider this spirit the essence of Irish whiskey. Made from a equal percentage of malted and non malted barley following the tradition of Pure pot still whiskeys, then triple-distilled in traditional copper stills, for a creamy sensation and sophisticated aromas.

This whiskey may be enjoyed as aperitive or digestive.

Green Spot was created for the Mitchells, a family of wine merchants that started its activity in Dublin in 1805.

In 1887, they started ageing and selling Irish whiskey, sending their empty wine, sherry and port casks to Bow Street distillery (Jameson) which would fill them before leaving them to mature in their cellars for a number of years. “Spot” refers to the marks painted by the Mitchells on the casks of different ages. To start with they used a green spot, then a blue, red and even a yellow one, but the Green Spot came out as the most successful and settled as a hallmark product. Green Spot and Yellow Spot are today owned by the Midleton distillery.

In 1966, John Jameson & Son decided to mingle with whiskey production companies John Power & Son and Cork Distillers Company and established the Irish Distillers Ltd., a sub-company today part of the Pernod-Ricard group. The complete whiskey production is today located in a new building in Midleton distillery, Cork.

Midleton is one of the most modern distilleries in the world. Its production capacity reaches near to 19 million litres a year. 13 stills are operating and make all types of Irish whiskeys combined (Irish pot still, single malt, single grain…).

The old distillery building, much more impressive, has been kept and turned into a museum. Named “The Jameson Heritage Center”, we may admire an amazing water wheel from 1852, a stationary steam machine used to power the distillery and the biggest still the world. It is in one of these old Georgian architecture stone buildings with red shutters that Barry Crockett, the current Midleton distillery Director, was born. The Old Midleton style: even with a great range of expressions, Midleton’s whiskeys develop a unique character. They have a specific fruity nose (red fruits) with a spicy backdrop and sweet notes of grains. The distillery produces exceptional pure pot still whiskeys, such as Redbreast or the famous Spot whiskeys: Green Spot and Yellow Spot.

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green spot

whisky très intéressant par sa douceur ,sa complexité aromatique proche des fruis jaunes mais aussi vanille , amande . Ce whisky est agréable à déguster seul ou accompagné de mignardises salées ou sucrées ,eviter le iodé ( fruits de mer comme les bulots qui vont mieux avec les caol isla , laphroaig ...). A découvrir

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Green Spot Single Pot Still 70cl 40°

Green Spot Single Pot Still 70cl 40°

Triple-distilled, this whiskey is highly sought after by whiskey connoisseurs.

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Colour: golden yellow.

Nose: fine and balanced, it is marked by malted barley and fresh walnut. Once aerated, it develops into white-fleshed ripe fruit (peach).

Palate: a lively and smooth attack, it develops into red fruits (blackcurrants), peach and vanilla.

Finish: mentholated and creamy, it unveils notes of almond and ripe fruit.

Silver Medal, International Wine & Spirits Competition 2013

Silver Medal, International Spirits Challenge 2012

Silver Medal, International Wine & Spirits Competition 2012

Silver Medal, San Francisco World Spirits Competition 2012

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