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Mars Cosmo Manzanilla 70cl 42°

Distillery : Shinshu Mars / Country : Japan / Reference: : 24889

This limited edition bottling is a refined version in ex-Sherry Manzanilla casks of the Blended Malt Mars Cosmo.

It is marked by a nice sweetness with rich aromas brought by the aging in ex-sherry casks Manzanilla: dried fruits, brown sugar, coconut, chocolate with a slight bitterness.

98,00 € tax incl.

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Volume0.7 L
ABV42 °
TypeBlended Malt
DistilleryShinshu Mars
PeatNon Peated

The Shinshu Mars distillery originates from Japan where it enjoys an exceptional geographical location. It is located at an altitude of 800m in the small village of Miyata, an area with a harsh climate, in the heart of the Japanese Alps. There, it enjoys the sources of pure water filtered by the mountain for centuries to give Mars whisky its unique character.

Shinshu was founded by Maison Hombo Shuzu, a producer of wines and shoshu. In the 1980s, the drop in demand for spirits forced Kiichiro Iwai, its founder, to close the distillery in 1992. It reopened in 2011 with a new bottling which naturally took the name "The Revival 2011".

The production of Shinshu varies throughout the year, the winter months are devoted to whisky while the summer months are devoted to Brandies and other spirits. The whiskies produced at the Shinshu Distillery are aged in barrels of Brandy, Bourbon and Japanese red wines.

In 2015, Mars decided to create a second distillery, Tsunuki.

Nose: notes of dried fruit and vanilla supported by sweeter flavours of brown sugar and maple syrup.

Palate: the fruits mix with chocolate with a slight note of bitterness.

Finish: long with a slight bitterness that persists.