Rum Pacto Navio 70cl 40° View full size

Rum Pacto Navio 70cl 40°

• Volume0.7 L
• ABV40 °
• TypeOld Rum
• CountryCuba
• Reference :23028

45,00 €

Pacto Navio is a high quality Cuban ron. With its exceptional aging and finishing in Sauternes barrels, this molasses rum has a lot of character and aromatic richness.

The production process of Pacto Navio is inspired by a custom dating back to the early 19th century and trade between France and Cuba. In 1815, Europe signed a Pact marking the return to peace and the reestablishment of transatlantic trade through Navios merchant ships. At this time, Navios arrived in Cuba, the holds loaded with wine, including Sauternes. Once the wine was consumed, the casks were again filled, but this time with Cuban rum, to return to Europe. On the way back, the rum was soaking up the aromas left by the Sauternes wine in the barrels for a surprising and fine result.

The Pacto Navio's original production process pays tribute to this technique and draws on the expertise of the Cuban Ron Masters to create a high quality rum.

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Rum Pacto Navio 70cl 40°

Rum Pacto Navio 70cl 40°

Pacto Navio is an old rum of grand quality and authenticly cubain. This one is assembled with several rhums then is aged in San José's distillery.

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Colour: mahogany reflects, intense amber and light.

Nose: dried fruits with floral notes. Reminds of honey, vanilla and Sautern cask caramel.

Palate: a balanced palate, round associating creamy notes, cinnamon, spices and citruses.

Finish: a remarkable long lasting in palate, several minutes, demonstrates the richness of this rhum.

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