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Out Of Ireland Light Brown Striped Scarf

• BrandOut of Ireland
• Composition100% acrylic
• GenderWomen
• Reference :400952

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This scarf has numerous stripes and a nice colour mixture with elegant contrasts.

Unique Size.

Dimensions: 85 x 190 cm.

At the end of the 19th century, the Irish fled their home island’s misery to discover new lands, out of Ireland. Today, the Irish are still travelling around the world, sharing their culture beyond borders.

The brand is symbolized by the “Shamrock-Butterfly” which is a tribute to the Irish: it evokes their attachment to their home island (the Shamrock) and their compelling need to open up to the world (“the butterfly effect”). All garments are made out of Ireland.

Out of Ireland clothing draws inspiration from Irish quality products and material and offers a refreshing, natural collection with great importance given to comfort. Choose from fresh colours and casual styles and pair it the way you like.

Out of Ireland is a great outdoor brand that makes the most of comfortable, robust and mostly natural fabric, with great attention to detail. Treat yourself to a stylish outdoor collection with a touch of glamour, adventure and softness for women and a trail-blazer, sportswear style for men.

Get inspired by Out of Ireland core values: nature, simplicity, well-being and freedom!

Service C

Response Concerning Out Of Ireland and the origin of the scarf

Sir, if you feel you have been mislead, please contact our client service who will deal with your query.

With the brand Out of Ireland, we chose to respond to our customers’ demands to offer a complementary range of products. As most of our products are Made In Ireland, Scotland or England, they are 100% wool and are not suitable to everyone because of skin sensitivity or hand wash issues.

Out of Ireland products are made of mixed fabrics that are easy to wash and have a soft touch.

Concerning places of fabrication, we prefer short circuits to be more responsive, follow market trends and also to reduce the impact of our productions on the environment. The articles are made in knitting and confectionery workshops carefully selected for their know-how and specific skills according to the different materials and materials worked for the needs of the brand's products. These workshops meet international standards and are respectful of their employees.

Our sweaters based on acrylic or polyamide blends and wool are made in Europe and more specifically in Italy for knits based on Lambswool although a few articles are made in Asia. Our cotton-based clothes are made in our neighboring countries of the Mediterranean Basin. These workshops are chosen for their unique know-how, for example the mastery of fully recycled yarn knitting techniques that requires a special experience.


    Light Scarf - feels like cotton, tiny label says 100% Acrylic -

    Pretty light large scarf - throw, feels like cotton. I do/did like it but now I like it less because - I bought it in The Irish Shop and tag up accordingly 'Out of Ireland' I thought that means
    'this item has come out of Ireland' , I just presumed it was a 'made in Ireland item'. Once home I was disappointed to read the tiny label saying 100% Acrylic. I am worried about exactly where it is made. I can't see anything to tell me, apart from this websites slightly little misty info when it comes to the other products not actually made in Ireland. I do hope I haven't bee mislead. If I found out it was made in China for example I'd be very cross indeed!

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      Out Of Ireland Light Brown Striped Scarf

      Out Of Ireland Light Brown Striped Scarf

      A nice striped scarf soft and light!

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      100% acrylic.

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