Flatnose Blended  50cl 43° View full size

Flatnose Blended 50cl 43°

• Volume0.5 L
• TypeBlended Whisky
• CountryScotland
• PeatLightly Peated
• CharacteristicsNon Chill-Filtered
• Reference :23065

28,50 €

Flatnöse was Ketil Björnsson's nickname, one of the first Lords of the Isles: these seamen ruled with their drakkars over the several islands and wild western seaboard of Scotland around the 9th to the 13th century. They were proudly independant and loved their lives and community.

This whisky is a rich blend with shades of pepper and spices, bottled at the highest degree 43%. Its the first Donald Mckenzie and Mackay Smith's partnership under the "Islay Boys" label.

Flatnöse like the most fastidious whiskies, is unchillfiltered to preserve the barley's essential oils and grains for better relevance and presence in palate.

It's a 3 grain whisky blending and 12 5 Year-Old malts with an essential Islay malt. This Islay brings the final peat note.

Donald McKenzie and Smith Mackay are the "Islay Boys", famous whisky ambassadors, from the Port Charlotte village and Portnahaven on the Rhinns peninsula, west side of Islay island.

They both grew up on this famous island in the middle of eight Islay distillery, peat run through their veins. For their first collaboration under the "Islay Boys" label, they created Flatnöse, a rich blend with peppery spicy shades. After traveling around the world from New York to Paris to Zanzibar, they add their experience to create good whisky.

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Flatnose Blended  50cl 43°

Flatnose Blended 50cl 43°

This whisky is a rich and tasty blend, with shades of pepper and spices, bottled at the highest degree 43%. The first partnership "Islay Boys" was established by Donald MacKenzie and Mackay Smith.

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Colour: golden yellow.

Nose: mellow and soft with grain notes.

Palate: a straight blunt, with spices evolving to pepper.

Finish: long and lingering, evolving to sweetness.