Cragganmore Distillers Edition Port Wood Finish 70cl 40°

Distillery : Cragganmore / Country : Scotland / Reference: : 20691

After reaching bottling age, each Classic Malt is refined for another 6 months in casks originating from the Iberian Peninsula, and become a Distillers Edition. The combination of a cask and a whisky is a traditional and steady custom of malt elaboration, but this second maturation bring depth and complexity to great Malt whiskies.

A genuine malt of the Speyside as for its subtlety, this Cragganmore has an exceptional aromatic richness. The second maturation casks had to match the complexity of Cragganmore, and its Master Distiller found the perfect partner in Port-wine pipes. Formerly as widespread as Sherry casks, Port pipes add extra richness, depth and brings dry, malted aromas with an exquisite roundness to Cragganmore, an already truly aromatic spirit.

The Classic Malts range offers a unique tour of Scotland, peeping into every whisky producing region. Each malt conveys the genuine features of its land of origin through a marked character and specific aromas. Each Single Malt is a work of magic where spring water, land and time operate, capturing the essence of the land in a bottle.

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Volume0.7 L
Net Weight0.7 kg
ABV40 °
TypeSingle malt
RangeClassic Malts
Age12 years
MaturationBourbon & Port
PeatNon Peated

At the heart of this “golden triangle”, where the Spey and the Avon merges, the famous John Smith founded in 1869 the Cragganmore distillery. His reputation of best distiller in all Speyside was quickly established. Smith conceived atypical stills for its Cragganmore whisky: a flat capital replacing the traditional swan necks, enables the reflux of the heaviest alcoholic vapours, for an even more sublte Single Malt. The unique character of Cragganmore ranks the distillery in the Classic Malts Selection. Created more than 20 years ago, this selection recognises Single Malts crafted in the tradition of iconic distilleries, and offers the most impressive whisky styles Scotland has to offer.

Colour: copper gold.

Nose: sweetened (gum drops), malty and intensely fruity (candied fruits). This Single Malt of pale amber colour develops a distinctive sweetness, fragrant like a perfume over a smoke whiff.

Palate: overflowing with fruity flavours of cherries and oranges, lifting the mouth to heady flavours of Port and malt, with a hint of smoke.

Finish: of remarkable length, beginning on butter caramel notes, slightly more dry and smoky in the end.

Comes along perfectly an Abondance cheese or langoustine and lobster. May be served with basil ice for pure freshness.