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For 5 generations, the Pol Roger House has built itself a fine reputation among the noblest brands of champagne. 170 years of experience serving style and elegance.
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Maison Pol Roger was born in 1849 with the sale of wine in the small village of Aÿ, the birthplace of its founder. The growing development of his activity allowed him to settle in Épernay in 1851. Quickly, Pol Roger favored the production of brut champagne, particularly appreciated by the English. When he died in 1899, the brand had already acquired notable recognition.

During the 1900s, Maison Pol Roger increasingly exported its products abroad, attracting many leading personalities around the world.

The First World War, prohibition in the United States, the revolution in Russia and the crisis of 1929 are all obstacles that complicate the affairs of the Pol Roger House, which nevertheless manages to maintain its presence on the different continents .

After the Second World War, Winston Churchill became the emblematic figure of the House, an unconditional customer of the Pol Roger champagnes, which saw its ranges expand like sales which experienced meteoric growth.

The 2000s saw the launch of the "Rich" vintage approaching a demi-sec. That same year, the logo and the packaging of the bottles were revisited towards more elegance and distinction.

In 2007 the Pure, Extra Brut cuvée came to complete the range. In order to keep Pol Roger at a world-renowned level of excellence, the house, supported by a 92 hectare vineyard, has constantly improved the quality of supplies.

From 2001 to 2011, the production equipment was transformed and renovated, so that cellar master Dominique Petit could vinify cuvées of great regularity and remarkable homogeneity.

Since then, Pol Roger has worked to preserve their essential values: excellence and independence, through their exceptional vintages.

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