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Origins of the Triskell

The Triskelion, also called Triskell or Triskele, is a Celtic symbol whose name comes from the Greek "triskeles" which means "three-legged", represented here by the three branches at each end. The first traces of the Triskell date back to the Neolithic period and have been found on sites such as Newgrange in Ireland or on megalithic sites on the island of Malta, more than 3000 years BC!

The Triskell has long been used by the Celts and is now deeply rooted in Breton culture (it even became the insignia of the Breton National Party in 1941). It is found in various forms: on clothes, decorations, jewellery or even tattoos.


The three branches that make up the Triskell are subject to many interpretations, the most popular suggesting that they represent the natural elements: water, earth and fire. According to another theory, the Triskell symbolizes the three main gods of Celtic religion: Lug, Dagda and Ogme. Finally, other meanings would focus on the number three, such as the trilogies past-present-future, childhood-mature-old age or even dawn-zenith-dusk.

If the interpretations are numerous, all agree on the fact that the Triskelion is a symbol of life, dynamism, evolution. Note that its branches must always wind in an anti-clockwise direction because the opposite would have a negative meaning and would even represent the conflict.

The Triskell at the Comptoir Irlandais

Find this emblematic symbol of Celtic culture in our selection of jewellery, with pretty pendants, bracelets, or earrings in silver, leather or pewter. Searching for a gift ? Opt for a belt or a brooch.

The Triskell is also available in the textile department with the Irish brand Inis Crafts, which likes to slip this symbol in small touches on some of its clothes. You will be spoiled for choice on how you want to display this Celtic symbol!

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