You are looking to offer or to offer yourself Celtic jewellery with interlace, here is a selection of our rings, bracelets, necklaces and earrings.

Definition and origins

Interlace, also known as Celtic knots, is a form of ornament made up of a tangle of endless lines that intertwine like knots of a rope.

Interlace remains unmistakably associated with Celtic culture: already in the 4th century BC, the Celts sculpted these motifs on menhirs. A few centuries later, they adorn Roman floor mosaics.

But it is really in the Middle Ages that interlaces make their appearance, in particular with the Irish monks who christianised these patterns by incorporating them as illuminations in the religious manuscripts, in particular the Book of Kells. Interlaces intertwine with animal figures, vegetal and anthropomorphic forms, both in early Christian works of art and manuscripts.


The interlacing of course has an artistic dimension but also a spiritual meaning: having neither beginning nor end, like a cycle that repeats itself indefinitely, it brings back to the eternal nature of the spirit and the soul, to the infinite character of life. It refers to the ancestral belief that things are interconnected and each of our actions will come back to us at one time or another. In ancient times, interlace was a symbol of protection, especially on battlefields or among sick people.

Interlaces at the Comptoir Irlandais

In our shop, interlace is represented in the form of jewellery: whether it has a special meaning for you as mentioned above, or whether you simply appreciate it for its aesthetics, find it declined among the rings, braceletsearrings and brooches from our jewellery collection. Interlace has also slipped into some of our leather belts. It's up to you to wear it as you see fit!

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