La Maison Du Rhum Réunion Island No3 70cl 45°

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Country : Ile de la Réunion / Reference: : 23377

For this third batch, this bottling of La Maison du Rhum comes from the Rivière du Mât distillery on Reunion Island.

An old rum limited edition of 5303 bottles, distilled in 2010 in multi-stage column and aged for 8 years in French oak barrels and Cognac barrels.

The result is a rum both complex and light, with floral and woody aromas, resulting from the joint work of Master de Chai Jean Grondin and aging expert Christian Vergier.

The rum La Maison Du Rhum Île de La Réunion 2010 is presented in are case with coasters.

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Volume0.7 L
ABV45 °
TypeOld Rum
CountryIle de la Réunion
Age8 years

It is also the largest of the three local active distilleries, with a daily production capacity of 40,000 liters of rum (theoretical data).

The molasses used come from the 2 sugar refineries in activity on the island, Gol and Bois Rouge. Concerning distillation, Rivière du Mât uses two columns, the first one operating in a simple way, producing powerful rums. The other one permit to obtain softer rums, by a triple process (exhaustion, concentration, rectification). The barrels used for aging are multiple, French and American, old or new, the aim being to enhance the specific characteristics of the Reunionese terroir, by marking the spices.

The various rums of this distillery, classic or agricultural, are among the most rewarded in recent years.

Nose: woody and vegetal with dense fruit aromas and some spices.

Taste: Vanilla and roasted, it bears on nuts and caramel.

Finish: long, spicy and oaky.