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Irish Mixed Seeds Crackers 120g

Brand : Sheridan's / Country : Ireland / Reference: : 12305

These delicious little crackers are made from irish traditionnal recipes. These crackers are entirely made with flour, butter, and a mix of seeds (sesame seed, poppy and flaxseed) on the Emeraude island. Perfect to enjoy chutneys or toasts for appetizers!

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They were quickly overworked and opened a first shop (still in Galway) with cheeses stored up to the ceiling. They become the "Sheridans Cheesemongers". Quickly they combine cheese with other products: olive oil, pâtés, meat ... In 2009, they go further by developing their own products, to their brand: crackers, chutneys and onions marmalade. These are manufactured locally and use quality ingredients. Today, the "Sheridans Cheesmongers" are known and recognized in Ireland. They are at the head of 4 shops and the products of their brand are sold in the finest grocery stores in the country.