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Celtic Knot Pewter Bracelet

Brand : St Justin / Reference: : 37437

Lightly hammered open pewter bracelet, decorated with elegant Celtic interlaced designs. Celtic knots were stylised designs of woven knots symbolizing the continuity of life and complexity of natural shapes.

Bracelet ouvert en étain légèrement martelé, décoré d'élégants entrelacs celtiques en relief. Adoptés par les anciens Celtes, les nœuds celtiques sont des représentations stylisées de nœuds tissés symbolisant la continuité de la vie et la complexité des formes naturelles.

These knots have been used in object decoration and monument ornamentation, as well as decorative features of the Christian manuscripts such as the Book of Kells and the Lindisfarne Gospel in the 8th century. This piece of jewellery is delivered in a beautiful blue satin case.

Width: 13mm.

Inner diameter: 63mm.

39,50 € tax incl.

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Net Weight0.076 kg
BrandSt Justin

St Justin is based in Cornwall, a region of Great-Britain famous for its copper and tin mineral resources.

St Justin still keeps alive Celtic legends reflected in its tin and silver jewellery.

Lightly hammered pewter bracelet.

This bracelet may be adjusted to your wrist. Do not adjust it too many times as it might be damaged or break.