Keltiek Claddagh Earrings

Brand : Keltiek / Reference: : 38287

Round dangle earrings with Irish claddagh Keltiek pattern.
Composition: 925/100 rhodium silver.

Width: 14mm

Height (without fasteners): 16 mm.

45,00 € tax incl.

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Keltiek offers jewellery inspired by Celtic motifs with a rhodium silver gem and a fantasy collection.

The whimsical bracelet collection is inspired by tradition. These bracelets are original and present a variety of sparkling and contemporary colours (yellow, red, camel, pink, silver, etc.). Different Celtic motifs (tree of life, spiral and triskel) adorn these bracelets. This collection is made with leather or with coloured or reconstituted natural stones.

The second range from Keltiek consists of bracelets, pendants, and earrings in rhodium silver. Rhodium is a precious metal today, more expensive than gold.

925/100 rhodium silver