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Port Charlotte 10 Years Old 70cl 50°

Best pick Port Charlotte 10 Years Old 70cl 50°
Distillery : Port Charlotte / Country : Scotland / Reference: : 23498

This magnificent Single Malt 10 years old comes to replace the "Scottish Barley" of the distillery. This whisky is imagined, distilled, aged and bottled in the region of Islay in Scotland.

It is made from 100% Scottish barley from Inverness County and spring water from Islay. Port Charlotte 10 years old is peated with 40 ppm*. It is 75% aged in first fill Bourbon American whiskey casks and 25% in second fill French wine casks.

The launch of the Port Charlotte 10 years mark the arrival of the new packaging 2018 imagined by the distillery: a new sleek green glass bottle, a nod to the design of Islay's peated whisky bottles.

*PPM -  phenols parts per million, measuring the influence of the oily smoke peat infusing the germinated barley during the drying process. The longer the exposure, the highest the ppm value is. A well peated Islay whisky reaches a 40-50 ppm. But every whisky still develops its very own character and mouthfeel sensation, depending on the style of each distillery.

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Volume0.7 L
ABV50 °
TypeSingle malt
DistilleryPort Charlotte
Age10 years
MaturationBourbon & Wine Cask

Port Charlotte is a whisky distillery located on the isle of Islay, which has been established by the neighbouring Bruichladdich distillery.

It has been established in the buildings of the former Lochindaal distillery. Located in the heart of the Port Charlotte village, Lochindaal has been founded in 1829 by Colin Campbell. It had to close down in 1929, hit by the prohibition laws enforced in the United States. Bruichladdich announced the creation of a new distillery in 2007, and today Port Charlotte produces the peated whiskies of the Bruichladdich group, together with the Octomore editions bought back in 2012 by the Remy Cointreau group.

A rare fact in Scotland, the Bruichladdich distillery (“Bruk-ladie”) uses a brewing vat in open air. Its onion-shaped stills have a very flat bottom and a long neck. During the distillation process, the alcoholic vapours rise very slowly, imparting to the whisky its elegance and refinement.

Nose: smoky smell of peat with dry, earthy notes. It gives way to oak, soft caramel, fudge, vanilla custard with a hint of ginger, a pinch of nutmeg and clove.

Palate: sweet and delicate. The balance of aromas is sublimated by peat.

Finish: the finale is splendid and smoke.