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Le Comptoir Irlandais - Pontivy

Le Comptoir Irlandais de Pontivy
Opening hours
10h-12h30 / 14h30-19h
10h-12h30 / 14h30-19h
10h-12h30 / 14h30-19h
10h-12h30 / 14h30-19h
10h-12h30 / 14h30-19h

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Pontivy became the administrative centre of the Rohan Viscountcy in the 14th century, marking the beginning of a prosperous period that ended in the 18th century. Pontivy is well-known for the events related to the Bonnets Rouges Uprisings in 1675.

Good products
Good products.

Google review – Maxime M.
Large choice
This shop has Irish and Scottish products. Even though it is a retail chain, its location is the center of Brittany is justified. There are many products for those who love these countries. Although there is another shop nearby “plaisirs et traditions”, they aren’t in competition, by more complementary.
Google review – JP LD.

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