Appleton 15 years Black River Casks 70cl 43°

Distillery : Appleton Estate / Country : Jamaica / Reference: : 25252

This Black River rum pays homage to the name of the river which originates at the Appleton estate in Jamaica and whose water is used to make its rums.

It is a blend of rare rums aged for 15 years in American oak barrels in the tropical climate of Jamaica.

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Volume0.7 L
TypeOld Rum
DistilleryAppleton Estate
Age15 years

Appleton Estate is a plantation and a Jamaican distillery that has been producing rum since 1749. Jamaica is a wide island located in the south of Cuba, known for its original rums developing a hallmark strength and aromatic richness that have been enjoyed since the end of the 17th century especially by the British.

The Appleton Estate distillery has been producing a wide variety of old rums, together with amber and white rums. It produces both strong rums in pot stills and lighter rums in column stills.

Located at the heart of the “sugarcane belt”, in the fertile valley of Nassau, it is the oldest distillery of Jamaica. The property is nestled between the mountains, by the Black River that flows in the estate. Daily rains and strong sunlight offer a unique microclimate to this region and impart distinctive characteristics to the rum.

The cane is harvested mechanically but also by hand with a cutlass. The Appleton Estate Plantation stretches over 4614 hectares of land.

Yeasts are used to manufacture alcohol. These ingredients are kept in a secret place and passed from generation to generation. With its own plantation and knowledge, Appleton Estate creates quality rums mainly aged in Bourbon casks. The distillery has always been daring when it comes to blending, thus adding more complexity and richness to the rum releases. Moreover, each bottle of aged rum mentions the age of the youngest rum in the blend. The Appleton Estate rum is a sweet spirit with complex aromas of vanilla, coffee, cocoa and nuts.

Nose: notes of citrus fruits and exotic fruits, fine spicy notes and a gourmet side.

Palate: notes of vanilla and plum brandy.

Finish: delicate notes of spices and a light woodiness.