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Whyte & Mackay Special Liter 40°

• Volume1 L
• Net Weight1 kg
• ABV40 °
• TypeBlended Whisky
• DistilleryWhyte & Mackay
• CountryScotland
• MaturationSherry & Bourbon
• PeatNon Peated
• PackagingCaseless
• Reference :20455

29,50 €

Whyte & Mackay is characterized by rich, full and mellow nose and taste, a perfect blend where no whisky dominates another. This perfect harmony and steady quality of Whyte & Mackay stems from a double maturation process, resulting from two sucessive blendings.

The first blending combines 35 malt whiskies. This "vatted malt" lies in Sherry casks for at least 8 months. On the second blending, malt whisky is combined with 6 grain whiskies and continues its maturation in other Sherry casks. This double maturation lasts at least 3 years and Whyte & Mackay is then bottled, with a label mentioning that it has been "double matured".

This double maturation achieves perfect blending as older malts harmonise and balance the spirit when younger expressions bring in liveliness. This exceptional blend reflects the quality founders have always strived for.

The Whyte & Mackay packaging is evocative of the blue Scottish flag, reminding of the true spirit of this brand leader in Scotland, which is perfect harmony between centenary traditions and contemporary values.

The Whyte & Mackay Company has been created on the Glasgow docks in 1844. With 4 malt distilleries and one grain distillery in the Highlands, Scotland, the Whyte & Mackay Company produces, assembles and bottles Scotch whisky and other spirits for the export market to many countries worldwide.

Whyte & Mackay Scotch Whisky is the Scots first choice. In the 1870’s, with a choice of 35 malt whiskies and some grain whiskies of four regions in Scotland, the company created a blend that met tremendous success : the “Whyte & Mackay Special”.


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Whyte & Mackay Special Liter 40°

Whyte & Mackay Special Liter 40°

Whyte & Mackay is characterized by a rich, full and mellow nose and taste, a blend where no whisky dominates another for perfect harmony.

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Colour: rich with a beautiful golden glow.

Nose: full and round with a collection of sweet and tasteful hues. The double maturation process of the 41 whiskies develops into a perfect blend, with amazing balance between malt and grain.

Palate: sweet fruits and honeyed aromas burst from the spirit, with rich and bewitching tones.

Finish: a lovely, warming aftertaste, very pleasant, that lingers in the mouth.

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