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Peregrine is an English family-run company that has been creating quality clothing since 8 generations.
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Established in 1956, Peregrine is the brand name of J G Glover & Co Ltd. A British manufacturer with over 200 years experience in producing quality crafted knitwear and jackets.

The brand offers a broad collection of both classic and contemporary outdoor clothing. Each garment is made using only the best natural fibres such as merino wool or hardwearing Millerain waxed cotton. Peregrine has been exporting worldwide since 1920, and counts today more than 300 staff.

Focusing on its longstanding heritage, quality and craftsmanship, Peregrine offers an inspiring collection of men’s and ladies’ wear mixing timeless tradition with modern style.

The Glover family has been associated with the manufacture of British clothing for eight generations - since 1772. They established Peregrine Clothing brand in 1956, the first Peregrine Clothing shop being actually on the doorstep of Tweed Towers, in Bristol.

The company has consolidated, moving away from competing with cheap imports in the UK, to concentrate on producing clothes with an emphasis on quality British craftsmanship and materials in its country clothing collections.

Discover exceptional, cosy creations, proudly manufactured in England: Peregrine sweaters are made to last and are available in various natural, light colours. Button-neck or zip-neck Mountain or island jumpers will keep you warm and dressed on any occasion.

See the story of Peregrine in their Craftsmanship video!

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