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Port Charlotte Islay Barley 2011 70cl 50°

Archive Port Charlotte Islay Barley 2011 70cl 50°

Distillery : Port Charlotte / Country : Scotland / Reference: : 22622

First Port Charlotte Single Malt to have ever been distillated exclusively from Islay barley, this 2011 release is perfectly fashioned, with unparalleled, crisp and lively balance, and a rich, strong but also mellow and sweet texture.

Two varieties of barley were used to produce this whisky: Oxbridge and Publican. They were directly produced on the island of Islay with three partner farms: Dunlossit, Kilchiaran, Sunderland. Distilled in 2011 in Bruichladdich, Port Charlotte Islay Barley is today the only Single Malt 100% Peated Islay with 40ppm*.

The distillery is now working with 19 local farmers to produce the barley that will be used to shape future whiskies.

After distillation, the Single Malt has matured in American Bourbon barrels of first filling and in red wine casks of second filling to enrich all the necessary aromas.

All the swift elegance of Port Charlotte's expressions may be found here, with light fern and hyacinth fragrances, over a layer of warm, crunchy peat. The iodized, lemony sea breeze that rise from the glass complete the flavours of barley dried over a peat fire. In the palate, sweet fruits - papaya, guava - and iodized notes contrast with the peat. A trail of pepper, lemon, caramelised, sweetened wood complete this amazing spirit.

This whisky is a tribute to the memory of the distillery Port Charlotte, disappeared in 1923 before its recovery by Bruichladdich.

*PPM -  phenols parts per million, measuring the influence of the oily smoke peat infusing the germinated barley during the drying process. The longer the exposure, the highest the ppm value is. A well peated Islay whisky reaches a 40-50 ppm. But every whisky still develops its very own character and mouthfeel sensation, depending on the style of each distillery.

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Volume0.7 L
ABV50 °
TypeSingle malt
DistilleryPort Charlotte
PackagingMetal Tube

Port Charlotte is a whisky distillery located on the isle of Islay, which has been established by the neighbouring Bruichladdich distillery.

It has been established in the buildings of the former Lochindaal distillery. Located in the heart of the Port Charlotte village, Lochindaal has been founded in 1829 by Colin Campbell. It had to close down in 1929, hit by the prohibition laws enforced in the United States. Bruichladdich announced the creation of a new distillery in 2007, and today Port Charlotte produces the peated whiskies of the Bruichladdich group, together with the Octomore editions bought back in 2012 by the Remy Cointreau group.

A rare fact in Scotland, the Bruichladdich distillery (“Bruk-ladie”) uses a brewing vat in open air. Its onion-shaped stills have a very flat bottom and a long neck. During the distillation process, the alcoholic vapours rise very slowly, imparting to the whisky its elegance and refinement.

Colour: golden yellow.

Nose: clearly rich, stunning, considering how young the spirit is. Opens up on a bouquet of ferns and hyacinths, and gives way to a warm, crusty peat smoke thar combines perfectly with salted, marine fragrances. The toasted oak aromas join juicy red fruits and guava, papaya, kiwi and lemon flavours. Fresh, smoky, mentholated and marine overall.

Palate: incredibly sweet and warm. The peat smoke is harmoniously balanced with a wonderful bouquet of red fruits, iodine notes, sweet and caramelised notes and toasted wood. It is a rare sensory experience, resulting from the traditional know-how of Buichladdich distillers and the use of Port Charlotte distillery's equipment, harking back to the Victorian age.

Finish: aromatic flavours linger forever in the mouth.