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Crackers Irish Brown Bread 140g

Brand : Sheridan's / Country : Ireland / Reference: : 12304

These little crackers are made from the irish brown bread recipe. All their ingredients such as wholegrain flour, butter and buttermilk comes from the Cork county.

Delicious when covered with chutney or with a piece of cheese.

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They were quickly overworked and opened a first shop (still in Galway) with cheeses stored up to the ceiling. They become the "Sheridans Cheesemongers". Quickly they combine cheese with other products: olive oil, pâtés, meat ... In 2009, they go further by developing their own products, to their brand: crackers, chutneys and onions marmalade. These are manufactured locally and use quality ingredients. Today, the "Sheridans Cheesmongers" are known and recognized in Ireland. They are at the head of 4 shops and the products of their brand are sold in the finest grocery stores in the country.

Ingredients: wholegrain flour (58%), buttermilk (25%), sea salt.